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Are you having trouble figuring out why your site isn’t ranking? There are a number of ranking factors that could be contributing to your lower placement in search results. As a business owner, you should be aware of relevancy when it comes to ranking. You should check your site’s performance on google if your site is not appearing in the google search results or employ the services of a suitable company like to take a look for you. Here are some of the factors that could be preventing your site from showing up in search results.


Your website is new and lacks valuable inbound links.

A search engine may take a week or more before updating search results. If your website is new, it could be a reason why it is not ranking. Give your site time to index. When your website gets crawled, it will be pushed to the index within two weeks.

Inbound links are links pointing to your website. It is important to have inbound links from credible and valuable resources, although they are not easily obtained.

Your website lacks index tags.

A custom code can be used to inform search engines to avoid indexing your site. If this code was added while designing your website, it would be the reason it is not showing up in search results.

Your website is not optimized for search engine crawling

Submitting your website to a search engine is not the end of it. The search engine usually sends a spider to crawl the content of your website. The spider examines intensely your site for keyword saturation, meta content, relevant content among other factors. You should be considering the content search engines see on your web pages.

Your website has been penalized and removed from search engines

Google may remove your website from its index and search results because of some irregularities. Google may remove your domain completely (deindex), sandbox or penalize your website. Ensure your site is modified to meet the quality guidelines required.

Your keyword market is competitive

Keywords are very important as far as website ranking is a concern. Web marketing in most cases is based on finding and optimizing proper keywords. You need to ensure you can be able to capture the attention of your consumer by using the right keywords


Content marketing is a very important marketing strategy in this global market. It is the most popular inbound tactic adopted as at now. Most organizations use content to market their products and services and it is becoming the forefront of all digital marketing strategies.

If you focus on creating unique, high-quality and authentic content which is useful, interesting and entertaining for customers, you will ultimately get rewards. Ensure your preferred content medium is not only shareable but also relevant to your industry. Here are some reasons why content is king.

Generates New Leads and Sales

If you’ve been looking for a way to create authority and brand awareness in a market that seems saturated, it’s time you invested in quality content. Of course the market has to have the potential to not only generate new leads but also increase sales. Providing quality content to your target market allows your potential customers to authentically engage with your brand or service thereby fostering the relationship between your brand and your consumers.

Adds Value to your Service or Product

Your top priority should be to provide your consumers with content that adds value and helps to solve a problem in the everyday life of your consumers. They should be able to learn and get value from the content you’re providing. Educate then on your product or the service you’re providing.

It increases traffic and encourage engagements

Good quality and original content is a superb way to drive traffic to a website and also keep consumers longer on the site. The users will pause, to get the content, understand the message and even leave a comment. Moreover, the consumers can also share on other social media channels due to the impression of the content. For instance, a website with an onsite blog full of engaging content encourages users to interact with the page and even visit multiple pages unlike a website with only a homepage and a contact page.

It is great for Search Engine Optimization

High quality content that is original on a brand’s onsite blog has a great impact on both the search engine ranking and SEO. As unique content is published regularly, the naturally placed keywords helps a website to rank for relevant keywords and search terms. When the website ranks higher, it gets exposed to more consumers searching content online.

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